Our Story

What we do

No Limit Capital is the first fund financing lender exclusively focused on providing General Partners (GPs) with non-bank institutional capital call financing solutions. NLC is revolutionising GPs’ borrowing experience by removing traditional banking constraints. NLC’s technology-led processes provide GP’s with seamless access to capital which minimise the operational and legal administration burden.

Our 6 Key Values

Extensive track record delivering capital call finance solutions for over a decade

Why we're different


First platform exclusively focused on connecting non-bank institutional investors to capital call financing market.

Superior Deal Structure

NLC facility framework provides GPs with tailored and flexible capital call financing at a significant cost savings to other market alternatives.

Technology Led Platform

Revolutionising GPs borrowing experience via a portal that allows easy access to new drawdowns and management of the outstanding facilities.

Relationship Approach

Single deal team managing transaction from first conversation to repayment - ensuring deep understanding of borrower's business and continuity for subsequent funds.

Full Financing Provider

NLC provides full financing needs to GP eliminating any syndication risk for large facilities.

Proven Track Record

NLC team has executed over €5bn capital call financing solutions across multiple private capital strategies.