NLC Capital Partners Welcomes Bernard Kantor as Non-executive Director

NLC is thrilled to announce the latest addition to our leadership team, Bernard Kantor, as Non-executive Director. Bernard is a renowned figure in the financial world, co-founder of Investec , and a leader whose strategic insights have propelled organizations to remarkable heights.

Neno Raic, Founding Partner at NLC, expressed: “We are incredibly honored and humbled to welcome Bernard Kantor to our team at NLC Capital Partners. Bernard’s unparalleled track record in the financial sector, marked by his co-founding of Investec and his visionary expansion strategies, brings an extraordinary depth of knowledge and expertise to our firm. His commitment to innovation, coupled with a profound understanding of global markets, aligns perfectly with NLC’s mission to lead in the fund financing space. Bernard’s leadership is not just about his achievements, but also his approach to fostering a culture of excellence and meritocracy, which resonates deeply with our core values. We are excited about the strategic direction and opportunities Bernard’s presence will undoubtedly usher in for NLC.”

Bernard Kantor added: “It is both a privilege and a pleasure for me to be part of this young team. It reminds me of our earlier days at Investec. The environment is friendly, dynamic, and entrepreneurial, with a very strong bias towards risk management. I am truly honored to accept this challenge. In a sense, NLC has revolutionized the market by creating a competitive and constantly changing modern approach. I have enjoyed working with the team on their values and ultimately on firm culture, which strongly aligns with my previous experiences at Investec. I look forward to this exciting opportunity.”

About Bernard Kantor
With a career that spans decades of innovation and strategic expansion, Bernard was instrumental in leading Investec’s growth beyond its South African roots. His forward-thinking approach facilitated Investec’s remarkable expansion into the UK in 1997, through strategic acquisitions and a deep commitment to the company’s culture and values. This journey saw Investec evolve into a global powerhouse with dual listing in Johannesburg and London. Under Bernard’s guidance, the bank grew to 8,000 employees across 14 countries, managing assets worth £125 billion, before his retirement in 2018.

Beyond Bernard’s accomplishments with Investec, he has engaged in several notable angel investments. A prime example is his early investment in Marshmallow, a UK-based company that specializes in offering affordable car insurance to immigrants and expats in the UK. Bernard was among the first investors in Marshmallow, which, as of its latest funding round, has achieved a valuation exceeding $1 billion.

Bernard’s philosophy extends beyond the confines of boardrooms; his passion for sports, particularly horse racing and football, reflects his dedication to excellence and strategic branding. His involvement in events like the Investec Derby not only showcases his personal interests but also his adeptness at blending passion with corporate identity, enhancing Investec’s global presence.



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